​50’s Fashion

Ah, the 1950’s. An undeniably elegant and experimental era of conflicting political views yet a crucial stepping stone to society, with fur being the symbol of wealth and power. Many inspiring fashion icons and trends gave birth to the definition of ‘glamour’ and being ‘well-put together’.

Marilyn Monroe wearing fox fur. Need I say more? The 1950’s is responsible for flexing it’s marketable methods since the 1930’s due to broader accessibility cross-country and commercial flexibility. Fox, mink, and sable fur being among the most used. In print and in television, you will find adored women of leisure wearing silver fox trimmed mink coats, white fox collar and cuffs, dyed fur trims, feather hats, and various fur accessories on a famous scene, a musical number, or a magazine cover. Add a cigarette for them to hold and it screams extravagant and expensive! Any of these mediums would elevate the hyper-feminine silhouette and allure the conservative yet liberating times.

The key for wearing big fur coats for women then and now is to always emote a specific shape. Where sweaters and dresses are light, bright, and breezy for that thin silhouette, fur coats intended the complete opposite; the bigger and bulkier the fur coat, the more dramatic the look was. Fur jackets, full length fur coat, or fur collars for coats can easily become a ‘scene stealer’. Making the wearer a walking statement wherever they were seen.

For wearers who’d want a more conservative yet still edgy look, there is the swing coat. Sometimes known as the princess coat, the tent-like shaped skirt made good use of big, stand-out buttons below a prominent wide collar. You’ll find two types: Full fur coat or fabric coats with distributed fur. The key areas of distribution are among three types of designs; a fur collar on top only, fur collar and cuffs, and collar with a strip going across at the edge of the skirt.

Off to a cocktail party? Gallery or opening night? Casual brunch with family and friends? Throw in a chunk of fur to your daily wear and watch the efforts come with rewards. You’ll go from developing your own unique style to an authentic and sophisticated socialite.

Lastly, If you’re out looking or buying vintage fur, whether is cheap real fur coats or bargaining for full length mink coat vintage in a fur outlet, know that many there are ways to make alterations and corrections so be sure to ask all areas that show wear from the store, take them to your local furier, and get your money’s worth by asking for a quote first. This way, you can figure out which one will give you a better deal and additional services for free!

We at Fur Outlet make a variety of designs and alterations based on popular trends for your everyday needs. Have a design in mind you’d like to create? Contact us, we’ll give you a quote.

Dec 4th 2018 PointTurner

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