​How to: Identify Real Fur

Fur is high on demand for one reason: it’s timeless. It never goes out of style and it’s versatile enough to go with almost everything. It’s also durable and with proper care and storage, it can get passed down through generations. You don’t need tags from a fur outlet to tell you what type of fur it is you’re buying or holding. A simple touch, a gentle patting, and certain visual cues are enough. We are going to show you how to tell the most popular types apart. This will come in handy when dealing with dyed fur.


A type of weasel commonly found in North America and countries of Siberia, China and Japan. Mink fur is light yet thick, flat and short. A known quality is it’s “shiny and wet” look; with hair being that of an aquatic-like quality. Although one of the most demanded fur, you’re bound to run into a mink faux fur coat - which is why it’s important to tell them apart.


With so many known types, the most recognizable has got to be the red fox, indigenous to North America, The fox fur would be much longer in comparison to other known materials. It’s a soft fur with medium long hair about 1” long. You’ll find it beautifully crafted as natural or dyed fox fur coats, fur jackets, fur scarfs, fur headbands, fur cuffs, as a real fox fur earmuffs, or a carefully cut long genuine fox fur collar.


The rabbit can be found all over the world in various, sizes and colors. When checking the fur, it should feel as familiar. Take note on the length and density of the hair, which should feel silky soft. You’ll see rabbit fur coat for men as it’s quite popular for men and women.


Possibly the sturdiest, warmest and most hard-wearing of all fur types. The fur is thick and warm made to survive the coldest water and the harshest winter. To detect it, pay attention to how dense the warmth of the fur feels. You can also tell by its durability and less likely it is to shed.


The raccoon fur is like no other, and certainly one with a ring tail pattern that cannot be mistaken. A popular yet rare fur. Similar to the fox, the fur is longer and softer on to the touch, yet smaller in size. You’ll find it stylized as hats, jackets, and coats.

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