Hip Hop & Dyed Fur

It’s all about image. Whether it’s a music video, an album, or a memorable live performance, your favorite Hip Hop artist in one way or another will be suggested to elevate their look by wearing real fur or fake furs.

Every corner of the world, every race, every gender, and every ethnicity has embraced Hip Hop culture. Born out of a necessity to express oneself, it has become a platform of expression, flavor, attitude, and a level of confidence like no other. 

Making Hip-hop today a key influence in popular fashion. In this case, how fur outlet is used in musical videos and as part of a fashion line extended by the artists’ wardrobe.

It’s only fitting that artists find creative ways to speak to self-style, stand out, and the desire to express through their fur wear. Staying fresh, daring, and bold is how dyed fur has been implemented. From pink, purple, fuschia, blue, green, and yellow - the approach is always the same: To make their appearance count. Whether is from a purple full length blue fox fur coat, orange mink cap, yellow fur earmuffs, a bright red mens wolf fur coat, green kids mink coat, or pulling off light blue mink fur vests.

For male artists in particular, dyed fur with bold colors defy the stigma associated with masculinity. Take the color pink for example. Famous artists like Cam’ron has carefully branded himself for over a decade with the intent to stand out and make that statement. In typical world of fashion, this trend has been picked on by others since: Slim Jxmmi has been seen wearing a bubblegum pink fur. Drake wears dogwood pink mink in his “Sneakin‘” video, and Solange has worn a baby pink cloud of a fur coat. This can be part credited to Cam’ron for trademarking this influence with pink alone while Lil’ Kim accentuated the use of bold bright colors to wigs, and lipstick and makeup. All in all, fur has cemented itself with Hip Hop as a dyed fur trend.

To make a dyed outfit for an event takes about a month to carefully craft and create. The dyeing itself is a two-step process. Be on the lookout for today’s biggest personalities in TV land or the music industry and watch how they are stylized with a color tone association. When dyed fur is added to that mix, it’s going down as the ultimate scene stealer. Another particular aspect on it’s trending effect is for the demand to be worn just for show. Say, a dyed plus size fur coat spotted when walking the red carpet as this helps accentuate a focal point when the cameras are rolling and thus, demanding the question: “Who are you wearing?”

We at Fur Outlet make a variety of designs and alterations based on popular trends for your everyday needs. Have a design in mind you’d like to create? Contact us, we’ll give you a quote.

Dec 8th 2018 PointTurner

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  • Hip Hop & Dyed Fur

    It’s all about image. Whether it’s a music video, an album, or a memorable live performance, your fa …
    Dec 8th 2018 PointTurner