Native American Wear: Parka

Fur has played an intricate part of Native American fashion throughout its various tribes. Although they visually share similar traits, they are fundamentally different in codes of attire, statements, and practical use of the material. The parka being one of the most popular ones for winter wear in its inner-continental world connecting USA, Canada, Russia and Greenlands for over 4,000 years.

The fur parka is found among the Inuit, Inupiat, and Yup'ik (Eskimo) tribes and to this day it is consider one of their most effective cold weather clothing system - in comfort, protection, and durability. The hoodedfull length fur coat goes up to the knees and utilizes every aspect of the skin, fur and/or feathers depending on the region. The materials are traditionally made for survival in the northern reaches of the globe. It has survived the harshest climates while remaining impeccably intact. It makes for an remarkable legacy of continually staying connected both physically and spiritually with their families and ancestors.

The clothing production required the most minimal use of practical tools: a sharpener and knife for cutting and scraping. The fur pieces were carefully cut apart and put together via a woven thread and custom made bone needle. Even teeth were used for making marks and chewing off thread! These handmade methods and sewing techniques were handed down from generation to generation to showcase their pride, celebrate their accomplishments, and lasting connection to their tribe.

As part of the custom, the large fur coat is made with matching footwear and occasional pair of gloves as it’s considered wasteful not to use any leftover or scraps of the material. Thus remaining in ecological and spiritual harmony with the environment.

Today, the modern Parka has evolved into more fitted,versatile fur jackets and fur coats for men and women. It uses less of the material and more fabric while maintaining the essential aspect of the hooded silhouette with use of real fur, faux fur (fake fur), or feathers depending on the fabric and style made by furrier. The parka of today is a great solution when living in the cold city. You can find them in various fur coat websites such as this one but the question many ask is: does it go with what you’re wearing? It has to be both neutral enough for business yet casual fun and striking enough to break the rules.

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Dec 4th 2018 PointTurner

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