We Need to Talk About Daenery Targaryen’s Winter Fur Coat

Spoiler alert: It’s friggin’ fabulous! Sorry Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian. We done found our new full length fur coat wearer diva. We’ll call you later, OK? Bye!

Whether you’re a Game of Thrones fan or not, you cannot deny that is one elaborate design. Memorable, form fitting, stylish, intricate patterns, and with a material color that would make any cosplayer or costume designer run to the nearest sewing machine to try to make it out of fur.

Fans of the TV series will recognize the heavy amount of work put on their wardrobe. From wigs, dresses, fur shawls,fur pelts, fur stole,ladies fur coats, mens wolf fur coat,to accessories. This fur coat in particular stands out for it’s craftsmanship alone. It brings a modern edge to the medieval-esque universe yet perfectly fits the setting and showcases the evolution of the character’s journey as a powerful and respected female leader. A symbolism of strength, determination, and elegance all carefully put together in one. You can tell this outfit reflects aspects of the many experiences she had to endure to own up to this look. The body of work of the designers involved in making this garment truly shines here, despite appearing in a few short scenes throughout the episode. A noteworthy example to designers when given a chance to create something new and out of their expected styles.

For those looking to have their own, get this: there are cost effective ways you can make it from home with a simple jacket. Look for tutorial videos from hardcore fans out there who also could not resist it’s beauty. You can get fur strips of the materials (real fur or faux fur) from afur outlet and stitch the rest via sewing machine. Another method includes breaking the back (spine) of jacket entirely to add a middle spine piece of another material to add more width and reduce cost. Although a very elaborate, impeccable finish, remember to keep it simple and sketch out all areas you’ll need address. Specifically the pattern in the back and in the front. The most time consuming area to work with will be the long pattern fur strips going across the entire length of outfit. Guarantee it’s worth the effort. Recommended to use Medium to short fur length. Don’t forget the wig to go with that for that extra ‘Dracarys’ touch. Dragons obtained separately. Good luck with those...

Tip: Using long strips of fur would works best. A nice hair clipper or small scissors make for the fastest way to manually create the pattern without having to literally attach each piece. You can form a nice straight line with the clipper. It might start slow to get a feel of the pattern but it’ll visually be the same look and feel when finished.

We at Fur Outlet make a variety of designs and alterations based on popular trends for your everyday needs. Have a design in mind you’d like to create? Contact us, we’ll give you a quote.

Dec 4th 2018 PointTurner

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